Park Characteristics

There were three major themes that we wanted to maintain throughout the site once completed.

Maximize Child Safety

  • Parking and traffic is positioned in such a way to minimize children having to cross lines of traffic
  • Natural barriers and controlled access to wooded perimeter and roads to discourage wildlife access
  • Playgrounds strategically positioned so younger siblings can be observed while parents watch the games
  • Well-maintained fields while minimizing the ecological impact on the surrounding area

Maximize Field Space Functionality

  • Spring season - Layout satisfies baseball, softball and lacrosse needs
  • Fall season - Layout satisfies soccer and potentially football
  • Winter season - Artificial turf field can be covered by a bubble that will allow community training without paying large rental fees
  • Other facilities - when combined with other local fields (QVSD, SA, Sewickley Hills Borough) we are able to allow certain natural grass fields anywhere in the network to lie fallow any given season to give those fields a chance to recover.


Retain Natural Recreational "Green Space"

  • Plant natural greenery (trees, shrubs, grass, flowers, etc.) on all non-playing areas to help the site blend in naturally with the surrounding environment
  • Create walking paths through entire site
  • Building pavilions for families to picnic and for shelter during storms
  • Creatively position gardens and recognition-structures to honor our donors and sponsors